GTD Hockey Analytics Pt. 7: Corsica with Emmanuel Perry

Hockey puck in goal and red line
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This is part six of a multi-part series tackling the nitty-gritty of hockey’s newest statistics. Episodes will be released every Wednesday. Coming up next week Micah Blake McCurdy.

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What is K?

Similar to last episode’s WAR discussion, K is a single statistic developed by Manny. Rather than comparing players to replacement level, it compares them to the average player. You can read up on it in full here, or listen to the episode for the quick and dirty.


Corsica.Hockey is the best hockey statistics website out there, and running it is a thankless job, that Manny has done tirelessly. We chat briefly about updates and the future of the site.

Emmanuel Perry

Manny has been a part of the hockey analytics scene for a number of years. Quick with a joke, a picture of salad, or a well-crafted argument, he is an invaluable member of the community. You can follow him on Twitter @MannyElk

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