Buffalo Sabres Forward Kyle Okposo Hospitalized in Intensive Care Unit

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Buffalo Sabres forward Kyle Okposo has been admitted into Buffalo General Hospital after showing signs of being “sick and ill”. Okposo is in the Neuro Surgical Intensive Care Unit at the hospital and is being seen by doctors and is undergoing tests. The 28-year old has reportedly been sick since March 28, and has shown signs of being extremely sick. As a result, he has missed the past week of action due to the undisclosed sickness. He saw several doctors over that span but was not diagnosed, and still remains that way.

Buffalo Sabres Forward Kyle Okposo Hospitalized in Intensive Care Unit

“It’s a difficult thing for him to be dealing with now in this situation,” Sabres head coach Dan Bylsma told Buffalo News. “Very, as a coach and a person, concerned for him and his situation. He’s sick and ill. Very concerned.”

The news is very concerning, considering Okposo has been admitted into a neuro care ward- one that deals with things such as strokes, concussions, brain hemorrhages, trauma, and tumors. As of Wednesday night, there has been no other word of what Okposo has suffered and the extent of it. But as of right now, the Sabres have confirmed that Okposo will be missing the remainder of the 2016-17 National Hockey League season. Okposo was ranked fourth on the team in points with 19 goals and 26 assists.

Okposo himself, nor his agent have yet to comment on the situation at hand. The Sabres themselves had not released anything before a reporter broke the news that Okposo had been hospitalized, but they have now released a statement pertaining to the situation.

In the end, there is no word on what has been ailing the Sabres forward. As doctors continue testing Okposo, the best that can be done is to wait. The Last Word On Sports family is wishing all the best to Okposo and his family during this time.

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