Bruce Cassidy Named Boston Bruins Head Coach


Bruce Cassidy is no longer the Boston Bruins interim head coach. Wednesday the Bruins removed the interim tag in his title by naming him their full-time head coach.

Bruce Cassidy Named Boston Bruins Head Coach.

The Bruins were knocked out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs on Sunday after a game six loss to the Ottawa Senators, but it didn’t take long for the Bruins to decide on their coach’s future. Wednesday they announced that Cassidy had been made permanent head coach of the team.

Cassidy had been named interim head coach on February 7th after the team had fired longtime head coach, Claude Julien. It was an internal promotion as Cassidy had been the assistant coach for the Bruins before taking over from Julien. From then on the Bruins made a, to many, surprising climb up through the standings and managed to grab the third place spot in the Atlantic Division. They ended up facing off against the Senators but bowed out in six games.

The coaching job is Cassidy’s second go around in the NHL. His first chance came all the way back in 2002 when he was hired as the head coach of the Washington Capitals. That lasted 110 games, as Cassidy was fired early in the 2003-04 season. In the 14 or so years since then Cassidy has spent time most of his time in the Bruins organization. Cassidy spent eight years as associate and later head coach of the Bruins AHL-affiliate, the Providence Bruins.

Cassidy had a short stint in the NHL as a player, playing 36 games as a defenseman over seven season with the Chicago Blackhawks, scoring 17 points.

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