Karl Alzner Returns to Washington, D.C.

Karl Alzner
OTTAWA, ON - SEPTEMBER 23: Montreal Canadiens defensemen Karl Alzner (#22) skates during the NHL preseason game between the Ottawa Senators and the Montreal Canadians on September 23, 2017 at the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Steven Kingsman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The Montreal Canadiens are in Washington D.C. tonight to face off against the Washington Capitals. For Karl Alzner, it will be his first game back against his former team. It may be bittersweet. Alzner spent all nine seasons of his NHL career with Washington before signing with Montreal in the off-season.

Karl Alzner Returns to Washington, D.C.

Alzner’s decision to sign a five-year, $23.2 million contract was at least in part based on the hope that the Canadiens are more of a contender than the Capitals. While his contract was expensive, many believe Alzner is a smart player with good gap control and even better stick discipline. Ben Raby, Washington Post Express Reporter and host of Capitals Radio, thinks Habs fans will warm to Alzner.

Some are worried that Caps fans may vocalize their displeasure with Alzner tonight. His July comments about the Caps postseason failures rankled many.

How Will Caps Fans React?

How will fans react to Alzner on the ice tonight? Jason Rogers has some suggestions. These include no:

  1. Whooping or Hooting
  2. Booing
  3. Acting Like You Didn’t Love Him
  4. Cheering Any Potential Injuries (!)

Will Caps fans oblige? Most fans are likely to recall the many contributions Alzner made during his long tenure in DC. As Rogers points out:

[Alzner] was a legend in D.C. while he was here, and deservedly so. He took boundless time for fans and children, signing autographs and taking pictures everywhere he went. He quite literally sacrificed his body for this team, breaking a hand, ripping his groin, and popping a hernia in the process…

As for Alzner, he seems to be keeping his sense of humor. “Ovechkin texted me last night and said, ‘Don’t block any of my shots,’” said Alzner with a laugh.

Habs fans should be watching to see how the Habs nascent defensive system holds up against the offensive trio of Nicklas Backstrom, Alex Ovechkin, and Evgeny Kuznetsov.

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  1. […] After an exciting shootout victory care of a sweet deke by Jonathan Drouin, the Montreal Canadiens were absolutely dominated by the Washington Capitals on Saturday, October 7. Carey Price was pulled from the game after the first period, and Alex Ovechkin would go on to score 4 goals. It wasn’t pretty. It certainly was not what Karl Alzner had hoped for his return to D.C to play against his former team. […]


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