Patrick Kane And Matt Dumba Fined $5,000 Each For Separate Incidents


The NHL Department of Player Safety slaps the Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Kane and the Minnesota Wild‘s Matt Dumba with fines for separate incidents. The fines are $5,000 for each player. Additionally, these fines are the maximum allowed under the current CBA.

Patrick Kane And Matt Dumba Pay For Their Actions

Patrick Kane And Matt Dumba Fined $5,000 Each

Kane, the 2015-16 Hart trophy winner, reacts to a slash and words by the Anaheim Ducks Nick Ritchie late in the third period on Monday night with a retaliatory action of his own.  As both teams headed to their respective benches Kane slashed Ritchie by taking a 180-degree swing at him. In addition to the fine Kane was handed a two-minute minor penalty for his actions.

Dumba Squirts Armia – NHL Finds It Unfunny

The fine for unsportsmanlike conduct, against Dumba, came as a result of his squirting a water bottle at the Winnipeg Jets Joel Armia. The action which often goes unnoticed in many games was caught at just the right moment by the referees. Dumba was given a two-minute minor for the action.

Armia found the action and the result humorous. He said on Yahoo Sports “Of course it’s always funny when the other team gets angry or whatever,” he said. “I mean, that’s probably one thing we try to do every night, just work as hard as we can so the other team gets frustrated.”

Trying Not To Get Caught

Kane is the 2015-15 Hart trophy winner, a 3 time Stanely Cup winner. He also collected the 2015-16 Ross trophy. Kane’s slash follows an apparent exchange of words between the two as can be seen in the following video. Though he slashes at Ritchie’s stick and not his body, the NHL sees enough intent in the slash to warrant the fine.

Dumba engages in the age-old tradition of instigation of the opposition by elevating chirps to the physical world. Many videos have been shown of players squirting others with water bottles during the game. Dumba seems to have fallen prey to the referees noticing at just the right time. The referees turned to catch him in the act. However, The two-minute minor and the video below gave the NHL enough to fine Dumba as well.

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