Fantasy Hockey Weekly: Patchwork

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On this week’s edition of Fantasy Hockey Weekly, we are doing some patchwork and looking for quick fixes to help your roster. With a number of notable injuries occurring this week, lines will change and player values will as well. So let’s look into these injuries and find the hidden gems that will result.

Fantasy Hockey Weekly: Patchwork

Mathieu Perreault

Ownership – 18% in Yahoo, 27% in ESPN

If Perreault is still available in your league, jump on him quick. With Scheifele out for the next six to eight weeks, Perreault should have a great top six position on the Jets for the time being. With 20 points in 26 games so far, Perreault has been a reliable scorer no matter where he is in the lineup. Playing with either of the top two lines will offer a great opportunity for Perreault to continue producing, so grab him while you can.

Anton Forsberg

Ownership – 27% in Yahoo, 12% in ESPN

As Cory Crawford lands on the IR for the second time in a month, Anton Forsberg will again see more time in the crease. He struggled during Crawford’s absence in the first week of December but should have an extended opportunity this time around. He has a 1-5-3 record that he will hopefully improve on, as Crawford looks like he will miss more than three games this time around. Despite the poor record, Forsberg has had some good showings but is not getting the goal support. He is a short-term option if you need more goalie starts, but don’t expect Crawford-like results.

Tristan Jarry

Ownership – 19% in Yahoo, 12% in ESPN

Similarly, Matt Murray‘s up-and-down year lands him on the bench for the time being as he is regarded as day-to-day. Tristan Jarry stepped into the crease least month when Murray was sidelined and was an adequate replacement. Now he has a chance to pick up a few more starts once again, as the Pens’ often-injured starter sits out. Again, don’t expect great results, but Jarry could get you a few wins for the time being. Or Murray could be back in a week. Regardless, Jarry is backing up a starter who has yet to go a full season without being on the IR, on a back-to-back Cup winning team. Pick him up or keep an eye on Matt Murray news.

Nazem Kadri

Ownership – 74% in Yahoo, 90% in ESPN

Nazem Kadri is extremely likely to be rostered in your league. However, I imagine he is also likely to be acquirable in many leagues as well. Up until last night when he took an elbow to the head, I had Kadri pegged for a strong bounce-back. As Auston Matthews returns after his six-game absence, life gets a little bit easier for the rest of the Leafs. Teams will be forced to focus on Matthews’ top line once again, leaving his teammates with easier matchups. Including last night, Kadri has gone 11 games without a point. The lack of production likely means he is available for trade. Coupled with the potential for him to miss some time after last night’s early exit, Kadri may be a dirt cheap trade target or even a waiver wire claim.

Jesse Puljujarvi

Ownership – 10% in Yahoo, 9% in ESPN

Surprisingly, one of Connor McDavid‘ s linemates is under 10% owned and most likely available in your league. The most coveted roster spot in the league makes just about anyone who plays alongside McDavid fantasy relevant. Puljujarvi is the latest to experiment with McDavid and it looks like they will remain for the time being. Since being called up in November, Puljujarvi has seven goals and two assists in 20 games. He also has 55 shots in that span. It may not be the breakout season the Oilers hoped for, but he is slowly putting up some points alongside the league’s best.

The Forgotten Ones

“The Forgotten Ones” are players who have had lengthy stays on the IR that may have been forgotten about in their time away. For example, Ryan Kesler played his first game of the year this past Wednesday and is still only 46% owned. Zach Parise also hasn’t played yet this season but was recently assigned to the AHL for a conditioning stint. At 46% owned he could be a great option who will be overlooked once he returns. Jeff Carter, at 62% owned, may have been dropped in your league in October. Ryan Ellis has yet to play a game this season and is only 49% owned. By the time Cam Atkinson returns in over a month, he could be another impact player forgotten on the IR. If you have an available IR spot, it never hurts to stash away an injured impact player.

Hopefully your team is still looking good and relatively intact, winning matchups or putting up points. For the rest of us, the scraps and quick patches will have to suffice. So here are a few quick fixes to take you into the New Year.

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