Ottawa Senators Sign Pierre Dorion To Extension, President Tom Anselimi Resigns

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The Ottawa Senators announced Friday evening they made a few management changes.  They signed general manager Pierre Dorion to a multi-year extension. Dorion’s new contract runs through the 2021-22 NHL season. In addition, team president Tom Anselimi vacates his role within the organization.

Ottawa Senators GM Pierre Dorion Signs Extension, Team President Tom Anselimi Resigns

Hours after signing defenseman Ben Harpur to a two-year extension, Tom Anselimi resigned as the Senators president. This happened just hours before the Dorion extension news release. It completes a very busy day for the team. With the signing of Dorion and the resignation of Anselmi the fans are left wondering what’s next. The fanbase has already been shaking their heads at the lackluster performance of the team of late.  The following is a quote from the press release, outlining the Senators intentions.

Today’s announcement reflects a renewed commitment to scouting, drafting and development. It may require changes to our lineup. Rest assured, we will only tolerate pain with an endgame in mind: building an organization that wins – at all levels – year in and year out. ”

” Having come within one goal of last season’s Stanley Cup Final, we were hopeful entering this season. Obviously, our results have challenged those expectations… “

The Senators remain committed to Dorion.They believe that he has what it takes to allow the team to win. Dorion comes with a long history of scouting in the NHL. He was promoted to assistant general manager mid-season in 2013-14. This was after serving as the director of player personnel.

In addition to the extension of Dorion’s contract, the team announced that Tom Anselimi vacated his role as team president. Although Anselimi looked to be a big part of the Senators plans going forward, he stepped away.  Most notably the Lebreton Flats deal. The development deal to bring the Senators to Ottawa. Negotiations were long and required a lot of endurance for all involved. However, Senators owner Eugene Melnyk brought Anselimi onboard to build a foundation for his team. With his departure, he needs to choose Anselimi’s successor wisely.

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