YWT #33 – We Are Back: Philadelphia Flyers Could Look to Trade for Erik Karlsson

YWT #33 – We Are Back

Flyers Should Trade for Karlsson

The Philadelphia Flyers are looking to trade for Erik Karlsson. As we approach the middle of August, Erik Karlsson is still a member of the Ottawa Senators. It has been an interesting story to follow during the dog days of summer.  On July 5th, Shawn Simpson from TSN reported on Twitter that a trade between the Ottawa Senators and Tampa Bay Lightning had been agreed upon, pending a trade call to the league. Proven to be a false source the superstar defenseman Erik Karlsson is still a Senator.

Erik Karlsson Linked To Many Teams

An Erik Karlsson trade is linked to a few different teams, the aforementioned Tampa Bay Lightning, Dallas Stars, Vegas Golden Knights, and the Philadelphia Flyers. The big question everybody has is: What would it cost? The Senators front office does not want to lose this trade. After shipping Mike Hoffman out for pennies, they are starting to become the laughing stock of the league.  Karlsson will be when the Senators feel like they’ve won the trade.  Pierre Dorian is basically holding Erik Karlsson hostage, and demanding a large ransom.  It might cost the Flyers a young player like Travis Sanheim, a 22-year-old who should get top 4 minutes for the Flyers. Including Sanheim, they might have to include Phillippe Myers, who has a high ceiling and is as close to NHL ready as a prospect can be. The Flyers might also have to add a first round pick, or two, to the deal as well.  Is giving up Sanheim, Phillippe Myers, and two first round picks worth getting a player of Karlsson caliber? If the Flyers can talk him into staying a resign him to a long 8-year deal, the answer is a simple yes.

Flyers Have The Cap Space to Make a Deal

It’s not every day a player like Erik Karlsson becomes available. The Philadelphia Flyers have the assets, and cap space to seal the deal to make Karlsson a Flyer. Currently, the Flyers have approximately 10 million dollars of cap space, and a few of their big contracts expire soon.  Jori Lehtera, Wayne Simmonds, Michael Raffl, and Jordan Weal are all unrestricted free agents after this season, clearing up $12.775 million dollars of the cap. Additionally, the following year, Andrew MacDonald, Radko Gudas, and Dale Weise are all unrestricted free agents. Also, this clears up another $10.7 million. Erik Karlsson will probably fetch something similar to what Drew Doughty got from the Los Angeles Kings, 8 years and $11 million per year. The Flyers have of the best prospect pools in the league. They possess a ton of assets and a salary cap that just keeps going up. With all of that the Philadelphia Flyers should consider bringing in the superstar defenseman.


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  1. Eric Lindros Reduex. Was not worth the trade then, and not worth the trade, as stipulated by the author in this article, now. Karlsson is a system player and the Flyers do not run that system. He, Karlsson, may get 60-70 points a season in his present system but it would likely run in the 45-60 point range in Philly, hardly worth all of those assets mentioned by rather star stricken writers…

  2. that’s a terrible trade if you give up both. who is going to fill Gudas and Macdonalds spots next year then? Morin is unproven and has had a nasty stretch of injuries. You can only give up one of them for this trade to be worth it, not both.

    • In Karlsson you are getting the best defenceman in hockey. As a fan of neither team, I think the Flyers win this trade easily. Best case scenario for both Myers and Sanheim is to become half the player that Karlsson already is. As long as you are signing him to a long-term extension and this isn’t a one-year rental, this is a win for Philly.

    • Gudas and MacDonald are replaceable. And they also both have two years left.

      The top six for this season would be some variation of:

      The only free agent on that list would be Karlsson.

  3. A total win. Sanheim and Myers may never become top tier d-men and with MORIN in the wings its reasonable to suggest. Possibly even package a couple roster players whom may never crack the lineup or are soon to be complications. PS ( as long as he -KARLSSON remains a flyer ) Save him from that cesspool in OTTAWA.

  4. You guys are crazy. Karlsson will demand a kings ransom I cant believe ppl actually wouldn’t want to give up maybes like Sanheim and Myers

    hello Erik Karlsson is a game changer. He carried the Sens in 2017 playoffs! You dont want that and rather hope and pray with prospects lol

  5. The only guy who makes a lick of sense on this podcast is the guy who doesnt want to trade for Erik K unless they can sign him long term. Other 2 dudes are half retarded and im glad they are not in control of the Flyers

  6. If you’re going to criticize a stat like Corsi (AKA: shot attempt differential) or expected goals (shot attempt differential with shot quality included), at least know what it is before criticizing it. Explaining something that you’re critcizing incorrectly is a bad look. It makes you guys sound ignorant and uninformed.


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