Three NHL Teams Pay Homage to Old Looks


Five teams have already announced alternate jerseys that will be worn in the upcoming season. Three more teams have unveiled updated looks, or heritage jerseys, for the future after a year of only home and away jerseys.

Three Teams Pay Homage to Old Looks

Anaheim Ducks

Anaheim has been mentioned before for their new third jersey, but the Ducks are not done. The team released that starting on Oct. 8, players will, on certain dates throughout the season, wear jerseys that the franchise has used over their 25-year history. According to the Ducks official website. Due to NHL game jsersey rules the players will only wear them to warm up.

Because of the number of jerseys returning, there will be many games featuring a throwback. Some of the more notable jerseys to come back are the “Wild Wing Breakout” jersey, featuring their mascot jumping through the ice, and the flashy “Nike Third Jerseys” that used black in the color scheme for the first time.

The team said that they will honor former players and sell memorabilia that was sold at the time the jerseys were in use.

The first two jerseys that will be used are the home and away ones that debuted in 1993 featuring the logo from Disney’s “D3”. The first game that will feature the iconic home jersey is against the Detroit Red Wings. It is a noteworthy game as The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim played their first-ever game at home against the Red Wings on Oct. 8, 1993 – exactly 25 years separating the two games.

New Jersey Devils

The Devils released a ‘Heritage Jersey’ on August 21 that they will wear for select games this coming season. The jersey features the color green that was last seen on a Devils uniform in 1992. Furthermore, the jersey was used for 10 years as their first uniform after relocating from Colorado as the Rockies.

The color scheme is often referred to as the ‘Christmas Sweaters” for the Devils, but it is not the only red, green and white combination in the league. The Minnesota Wild have used it since their start in 2000.

The heritage jersey compares to the home jersey used by the Devils from 1982-1992 with a few stylistic changes, like thinning of stripes and the signature Adidas collar.

St. Louis Blues

The Blues are bringing a familiar look back to the league with a heritage jersey of their own. The jersey is from their 2017 Winter Classic matchup against the Chicago Blackhawks – a game the Blues won 4-1.

Similarly to the Devils with their third jersey, the Blues will return to their roots. The inspiration for this jersey is the team’s first-ever uniform, that features the royal sweater, matched with a royal logo. However, the idea of mixing the royal jersey with a navy logo, their current style, was only introduced in 1998. Up until then, the uniform relied on the yellow trim to distinguish the logo from the jersey.

Hidden inside of the collar is a blue and yellow fleur-de-lys icon with a wavy blue and white pattern behind it, all on a red background. The color scheme is a familiar one to Blues fans who saw it on their team’s uniforms from 1995-1998. The colors and design represent the flag of St. Louis.

In addition, the team announced that they will wear these jerseys for 11 home games on select Saturday nights, beginning on Oct. 6. This game is against the team they beat in their only Winter Classic appearance.

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