NHL Trade Rumours: Edmonton Oilers, Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens

Jesse Puljujarvi Top Edmonton Oilers Prospects
EDMONTON, AB - NOVEMBER 29: Jesse Puljujarvi #98 of the Edmonton Oilers skates against Mitch Marner #16 and Tyler Bozak #42 of the Toronto Maple Leafs on November 29, 2016 at Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. (Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images)

Welcome back to another segment of NHL Trade Rumours. Where Last Word On Hockey rounds up all the latest NHL trade rumours and puts them in one nice place. As the deadline is fast approaching expect these rumours to keep up. Today, we look at NHL Trade rumours from the Edmonton Oilers, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Montreal Canadiens.

NHL Trade Rumours

Edmonton Oilers

Rumour: TSN’s Ryan Rishaug reported that the Oilers would still be interested in dealing 2016 first-round pick, Jesse Puljujarvi. However, the Oilers are no longer actively pushing for a trade involving Puljujarvi and will be asking for a considerable return.

The Oilers have been surrounded by talks of a Puljujarvi trade all year. The 20-year-old has only managed nine points in 45 games this year, a clear far cry from how fans hoped he’d perform. He’s been disappointing beyond this year, though. In his 138 NHL games to date, he’s scored 40 points. Half of these points came in 65 games last season.

Puljujarvi has value, as do most players picked in the top-five of their draft class. The Oilers will clearly be looking to exploit this value in a trade, aiming for the stars with the return. However, The Athletic’s Allan Mitchell reports that this may not be so likely. In his piece, Mitchell notes that the Oilers will likely have to sweeten any trade offer by also adding in one of their spare defensemen, like Matt Benning, or an extra forward like Jujhar Khaira. Simply put, Puljujarvi’s disappointing play outweighs the value that his top-five label brings to the table.

Toronto Maple Leafs

Rumour: While it isn’t much of a trade rumor, it has been reported that contract talks between Kasperi Kapanen and the Leafs are likely to start up sometime next week. This was again reported by TSN’s Staff during their insider trading discussions on Thursday.

Analysis: The important part of these contract talks is that other teams will likely be breathing down the Leafs necks about Kapanen. Toronto is in salary cap turmoil right now, fighting to sign Mitch Marner to a team-friendly deal that would also allow them to sign Kapanen and Andreas Johnsson.

There are a lot of outcomes that could see the Leafs losing one of these three mentioned players due to cap issues. With the Leafs financial issues and Kapanen’s 36 points in 57 games, he’s become a very popular trade-option for many teams. He would also be very likely to be offer-sheeted this summer if Toronto can’t sign him soon enough. Because of this, general manager Kyle Dubas will surely be looking to advance contract talks as quickly as possible. Talking money with Kapanen could also help the team find out how much they can truly spend on Marner.

Montreal Canadiens

Rumour: According to Sportsnet’s Eric Engels, there is buzz growing that general manager Marc Bergevin is looking for a top-four defenceman. He is looking to replace Mike Reilly in the spot next to Jeff Petry.

Analysis: The Canadiens have long been stronger on the right side than on the left. For a long time, it seemed that they were looking for a partner for Shea Weber. However, over the last month or so, 20-year-old Victor Mete has really stepped up and taken on that role. Petry has had a great season, taking over the top defence spot while Weber was hurt, and continuing to put up points after his return. His partner, Reilly, acquired at last year’s deadline, has been inconsistent. At times he looks like a legitimate top-four defender. At other times he makes the type of mistakes that land a defender in the press box.

Head coach Claude Julien has recently said that Reilly has improved his game and is better than he was prior to being healthy scratched for five straight games in November. However, there continue to be questions if his better is good enough to be a top-four defenceman going forward. It is something the Canadiens will be watching closely over the next week or so, prior to the deadline.


Main Photo: EDMONTON, AB – NOVEMBER 29: Jesse Puljujarvi #98 of the Edmonton Oilers skates against Mitch Marner #16 and Tyler Bozak #42 of the Toronto Maple Leafs on November 29, 2016 at Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. (Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images)


  1. This all could of been figured out a couple of weeks ago, Mathews deal was reported to be a deal at least a week before the actual signing that gave Kyle a week to wake up from his dream mode of 9mil for Marner, and did you offer that with a straight face? Almost 3mil apart that’s a big enough gap to ask for a trade, the problem for Marner is he wants to be a Leaf but 21/2 mil could change those feelings? Although some might say Mathews is the face of the franchise, I’m not one my choice of player that is the true face of this franchise is Marner and anyone would be hard pressed trying to tell me different. Regular season points leader, quarterback’s pp, also pk, and playoffs points leader, now how you can look Marner face to face and actually offer 9mil are you kidding me here Kyle wrong player to pick to play hardball with, if you truly valued his services as soon as you had a deal in principle with Mathews you should of contacted Marner’s camp a placed an offer of 11616 and you would’ve signed both player’s on the same day the only difference is Marner deal would be 3yr or 6yr term. They say Kyle is the wonder kid and you could be right cause he’s got me Wondering what the frack he’s doing? Trade front we all know what’s needed and we all know who we don’t want traded, so the question is who can Kyle get the team with the pieces that he’s willing to part with and those part’s I believe to be in play, Zat’s, Brown, Brocco, Moore, Picks, and depending on the deal and term coming back Gardner, Lilygren now for anyone of these two could be dealt in the right circumstances and that’s a RHD would be coming back with term left on his deal then to make it happen Kyle just might be persuaded to part with either one or the other? I’m betting on the Duck’s to provide the Leafs that rhd and it’s most likely Montour and the cost ? if Zat’s is part of pkg then Brocco and a second rnd pick, or Lilygren and Brown, well it will be interesting to see what Kyle can get done if anything at all other than maybe a depth player but not the pwr forward or righty that the team could really use. Muzzin was a decent pickup anyways we still need trading partners to finish the team’s shopping list. It’s the cost that Kyle has to manage. Duck’s and Leafs have been good trading partners over the years and I don’t see any reason to stop now. CHEERZ 🍺

    • Try looking at pp/g. Over the last 3 years. Matthews was a over a pp/g player last year and missed 20 games and still scored 34. Only 6 points back of Marners full season at 69 points. Who won the Calder with 40 goals in his rookie year? Look at who Marner is playing with compared to Matthews. Marners q-backing the pp and it’s been horrible. Only lately has it been a bit better because they changed it up a bit. Matthew’s is 2nd only behind Ovechkin for most 5v5 pp/g thats points per game not power play, just to be clear. Matthew’s is constantly playing with different players. Nylander, who everyone wanted to see gone, were wrong. I said give him a month or so and now look at him on the 3rd pairing. Babcock took away nylander and continues to do so and took Hyman off that line. Marner/Tavaras/Hyman have been together all season except for a game and a half. Matthew’s missed 14 games and is only 18 points back of Marner. Do you remember how far ahead he was starting the season. Dubas got Tavaras on a team friendly contract, signed Nylander and didn’t give him his 8 million, got Muzzin who has completely changed, not only the for the betterment of the team but the overall toughness. Plus he didn’t have to get rid if sandin or liljegren. Gardiner is done after this year, thank goodness and zaitzev hopefully as well at the end of this year via trade unless they can get rid if him and that awful contact. He has played better of late, but instead of losing out, they need to trade Gardiner before the deadline and a prospect and pick or Gardiner and whatever they have to in order to get that RHD, which I agree with you on. Matthews is a center. Marner is a winger. They should switch Marner and Matthew’s on the pp so Matthew’s can get his shit off quicker and marner can one time or send it back to Reilly for a one timer. Reilly needs to shoot more.Marner will get a 3 year deal in the range if 9.5-10. The less years the less money. By that time the cap will be up with a new Seattle team and 3 years and then he can get paid. Matthew’s took way less then he could have. You know it, I know it and so does everyone else. Kapanen will sign a 3.5-4.0. Johnnson might get dealt for that RHD. They just cant afford all these forwards. Gardiner is horrible in his own end. Dermott is a gem. We already have him and Reilly to rush into the play. Muzzin with zaitzev on the second pairing and hainsey on the 3rd pair with Dermott and a Stay at home tough RHD for Reilly and everyone is playing where they should and then we have a much better chance getting past Boston. We have dominated T.B all year. 50 shots we should have won and a 4-2 win, both in their building.

  2. Hey 4ever67, good commentary right out of TSN. By the way their troubles started when they traded that certain goaltender wearing Black and Gold, who put on a great display of good old fashioned goal tending last night against L.A.

  3. The Matthews and Nylander signings were bad, then not picking up any bodies for a playoff run really showed that Kyle Dubas is not a good GM. Sorry but you don’t give these younger players the same money as Toews and others that have won a cup or lead their teams into the playoffs for a number of years. The Team would have done so much better keeping Mark Hunter as their GM. I really believe Mark would have been watching out for his stars on this team by picking up players that would go to battle for them. Mark knows players and nows how to recruit them. With letting Gardner go and trading Nylander you can keep the core of young players together. If Columbus looses all of their stars they may trade a Josh Anderson for Nylander and either a player from the Marlies or draft pick. This is a very important player to make a trade for. I would sign Furland from the Hurricanes, I believe he’s a free agent. If the leafs have soured on Kadri and they don’t trade hime to Winnipeg for a defenceman I would talk to Calgary for a Sam Bennett for Kadri deal. The Leafs are following the same plan as the Oilers, all talent and no grinders. You have to make changes to win. I wouldn’t deal Connor Brown either, when he played in Erie he was on the same line as McDavid and all they did was lead the OHL. Brown is playing the role Babcock wants him to, this guy can score if given the chance!!!


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