NHL Team Warning Labels: Real Hockey Talk Podcast #12

NHL team warning labels
VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA - JUNE 21: Fans attend the festivities prior to the first round of the 2019 NHL Draft at Rogers Arena on June 21, 2019 in Vancouver, Canada. (Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images)

This week’s show was broadcast from Oggi’s Pizza in Glendale, AZ. Along with Dave Isaac, Greg IsaacEd Cole from KDUS 1060AM, and William Grigsby from lastwordonhockey.com this is podcast #12 for your listening pleasure.

Real Hockey Talk Podcast #12

Segments of the show

We start out this show getting some “real football talk” discussion on Andrew Luck’s retirement announcement and how the NFL season is upon us.

Dave covers his “this day in hockey history” as the rest of the panel attempts to guess the answers.

NHL Team Warning Labels

We then discuss Jillian Fisher‘s twitter question where she covered NHL team warning labels. If your team had a warning label what would it be? Some are very entertaining.

Some samples include: For the Chicago Blackhawks… WARNING: when you enter the arena you may be asked to play goalie. Another one would be WARNING: NHL salary cap is NOT adjustable. One for the Edmonton Oilers was… WARNING: best before 1990.

Listen to the podcast to hear some more.

Dave chimes in with his warning labels which mostly cover his everlasting prediction of the Arizona Coyotes moving to Houston (not going to happen).

We then discuss an in-depth analysis of the Vegas Golden Knights, and San Jose Sharks including line combinations and final point projections.

Then, on queue, we transition into “real movie talk” as we chat about movies, actors, and all that. William suggests everyone should go see “Angel has fallen.”

Vegas prospects are on the agenda next as we try to evaluate how well the Golden Knights prospects may do this coming season.

We go over the Vancouver Canucks and how they will look in the 2019-20 season.

Pacific Division Predictions

Then, we talk about how the Pacific Division will finish out. William thinks the top three in the division will be Calgary, Vegas, and Arizona, while Dave disagrees. That would mean the wild-card will go to a Central Division team. William predicts the Coyotes to finish with 90 points.

William will be visiting Palm Springs to scope out the future AHL team site for the new NHL expansion Seattle team. His take on that will be in another article, so be sure to watch for it.

Another topic of discussion is will the new owner Alex Meruelo of the Coyotes look into building a new arena? The concept is build a new arena and the fans will show up to watch the team. Or, will Robert Sarver give in and partner with the Coyotes for a new downtown arena? Doubtful.

We segway into “NBA talk” as we drift from hockey once again! Followed by “MLB talk” and we cover it ALL here on this show.

Final Segment

We are joined by two great representatives of Oggi’s restaurant, Colin and Harry. Colin has been here for four years and Wally has been employed for 14 years. Wally is a big supporter of the Coyotes and tries to get to games whenever possible. He thinks the addition of Phil Kessel is huge for the team. Colin follows the team as well.

Both guys fill us in on the details of Oggi’s great menu, hours and specials. They show NFL games, NHL games and it’s the consummate sports bar. They even have an all day every day happy hour, which is fantastic.


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