2019-20 NHL Division Predictions: Real Hockey Talk Podcast #16

2019-20 NHL division predictions
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 04: Jonathan Marchessault #81 of the Vegas Golden Knights is congratulated by teammates after he scored a goal against the San Jose Sharks in the first period at SAP Center on October 04, 2019 in San Jose, California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

After taking a week off, we are back. This week’s Real Hockey Talk show takes place at Mod Pizza in Glendale, AZ. Along with Dave Isaac, Greg Isaac, Conrad West the general manager at Mod Pizza, and William Grigsby from lastwordonhockey.com, this is podcast #16 for your listening pleasure. We intended to make our 2019-20 NHL Division predictions sooner, but our choices were made today.

Dave has a system for grading our predictions. He bases it on the odds of each team making the playoffs. If a team like the Arizona Coyotes are 45-1 to make the post-season and if you predict their correct finish in the division you would get 45 points. If in turn, you are wrong, you lose 45 points. We’ll see how this all falls out at the end of the season. Dave has a spreadsheet to keep track of our predictions.

2019-20 NHL Division Predictions

Real Hockey Talk Podcast #16

Some of the predictions may surprise you so listen in and see what you think. Greg made some “out on a limb” predictions and so did Dave. All listeners of this show know Dave’s affinity for the Vegas Golden Knights, so you can probably guess which team he likes best. We will be keeping a record of who predicted each team’s placement in the standings. We also predict the wild-card participants and who will win the coveted Cup. This was a fun thing to do and took some thought to determine the team’s placement in the division.

Auston Matthews Issues

We discussed the Auston Matthews disorderly conduct behavior where the star player of the Toronto Maple Leafs decided to drink too much and get into a bit of trouble. The biggest issue was he didn’t tell the Leafs that he had to appear in court regarding the incident. We all agreed that Matthews is an amazing talent and he should focus on what he does best… play hockey. He seems to be taking our advice seeing that he has five goals in three games. If he abstains from the consumption of alcohol he may find that he will mature and not see any more issues off the ice.

Closing Remarks

After we got through the cumbersome predictions we chat and predict the score of the Coyotes game against the Boston Bruins. We list the other games on the schedule and hope to have you listen in for the show this week and see you again next week.

William will be in Las Vegas next Saturday, but will be driving and plans to call into the show and chat a bit. Looking forward to it.


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