2019-20 Chicago Blackhawks Christmas Wish

2019-20 Chicago Blackhawks
NEWARK, NJ - DECEMBER 06: Chicago Blackhawks goaltender Robin Lehner (40) on the bench during the second period of the National Hockey League game between the New Jersey Devils nd the Chicago Blackhawks on December 6, 2019 at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. (Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The 2019-20 Chicago Blackhawks Christmas Wish piece is back for another holiday-themed look at the Original Six franchise as it is once again struggling. Two years ago the Blackhawks 2017 Christmas Wish was for more power-play success. That wish did not come true, unfortunately. Last season the Blackhawks 2018 Christmas Wish featured a certain general manager begging Santa for help getting his team another Cup. That Christmas Wish also did not come true either.

2019-20 Chicago Blackhawks Christmas Wish

The Chicago Blackhawks have had a very inconsistent start to the 2019-20 NHL season. They are currently seven points out of a Wild Card spot with a record of 14-16-6 which puts them two points out of last place in the Western Conference. They have struggled to stay in the playoff picture despite all of the rebuilding moves done by general manager Stan Bowman in the off-season.

Unfortunately, the team has also been decimated by injuries and a lack of depth due to Bowman’s suspect draft history over the last ten seasons. There are no quick fixes available for the desperate team, but there are plenty of calls for coach Jeremy Colliton to be fired. The biggest question is who would replace him?

Assistant coach Marc Crawford was positioned to be that guy until his recent troubles caused him to be put on leave. That appears to be resolved and Crawford is returning January 2nd. His return has certainly prompted numerous office pools betting on the date he assumes command of the struggling team.

Things certainly look bleak for the Blackhawk faithful once again. However, at this time of year, there can still be magic in the air. And everyone knows there is only one man to turn to for help when things look this bad.

2019 Christmas Wish – Robin & Corey

This Blackhawks 2019 Christmas Wish features the unsung heroes of the Blackhawks’ current NHL season; Corey Crawford and Robin Lehner. These two goalies have been outstanding and are one of the few bright spots so far this year. They have backstopped their team against all odds, often standing on their heads when making saves.

Facing the highest shot totals on the average per game (36) has been an exasperating experience for the goalies. They play game after game hoping for more help from their teammates. Luckily for them, the two were about to be paid a visit by the one person who might be able to help them out.

Two Goalies Christmas Wish

Twas the week before Christmas down deep in the U.C.
Two goalies were chatting where no one could see
Their equipment was drying while hung in the air
They both were feeling a lot of despair
Their teammates were all gone from the room
Both goalies’ long faces had looks of gloom
Sitting back in their stalls they both heavily sighed
After another long game in which they gallantly tried
Shot after shot they faced all game long
One-timers, tip-ins, slappers, the same old song
Standing on their heads the whole game
The other team’s goalie never faced the same
When out in the hall they heard a strange sound
Crow said “it’s probably ‘Shawzer’ or ‘Brinksy’, creeping around”
Staying in their stalls, too tired to care
They began to smell cookies in the night air
Finding this odd, they started to rise
When in walked Santa much to their surprise
He smiled at them with cheeks quite red
A large fuzzy hat on the top of his head
“Why so glum boys?” he said with a frown
“The looks on your faces are both pretty down”
“Tis the season to be merry, not full of doom”
“You do know Christmas is coming real soon?”
“Santa, we play really hard every game“
“There’s just too many shots, it’s always the same”
“Our D-Men all try as hard as they can”
“The forwards all chip in, at least that’s the plan”
“Our stats are good, the team’s record is not”
“The pressure is on us to stop every shot”
“Santa, can you make this team better, is there any way?”
“We’re begging you please, what do you say?”
“Well boys, you’ve been good this year that I do see”
“Unfortunately Little Stanley’s plans messed up your team”
“His trades, free-agents, and drafts have usually been bad”
“It’s been ten years now, which is really quite sad”
“I could bring you new equipment, but can’t change your team”
“Rocky must start firing to fulfill that dream”
“I wish I could help boys, but I know what you can do”
“After this season, you can head south and play for Q” 
Happy Holidays everyone!

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