Gerard Gallant Firing, Chicago Blackhawks Goalie Situation: Real Hockey Talk #19

Gerard Gallant
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - OCTOBER 27: Head coach Gerard Gallant of the Vegas Golden Knights takes questions during a news conference following the team's 5-2 victory over the Anaheim Ducks at T-Mobile Arena on October 27, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Today, on Real Hockey Talk we visit Mrs. Chicken at 32nd street and Indian School Rd in Phoenix, AZ. As we sit on the exterior patio we can’t wait to have our delicious chicken and french fries seasoned with BBQ sauce. We interviewed owner, George Fraser about his restaurant and the new one now open in Scottsdale called Fraser’s Tavern. We also discuss the recent firing of the head coach Gerard Gallant of the Vegas Golden Knights.

Real Hockey Talk Podcast #19

Gerard Gallant Given a Pink Slip

While six head coaches had been out of a job so far this season, not many hockey experts predicted that the next one to go would be Gerard Gallant of the Vegas Golden Knights. Dave Isaac, Greg Isaac, and William Grigsby from evaluate what went down with the coaching change in Sin City.

Greg’s take on the firing is that it may have been done to wake up the team but seemed unfair to Gallant. Vegas had an issue with goaltending this season and that has held them down. Yet, Greg feels that there could have been a better way to go about the issues concerning Gallant’s firing.

Dave’s take on the Gallant firing was that you can’t deny that Gallant had a good record coaching the Knights and that Peter DeBoer will likely do well with his good record. Dave also mentioned that with Gallant gone, Rick Tocchet of the Arizona Coyotes will take his place coaching the Pacific Division in the All-Star game this weekend.

William’s outlook with the Gerard Gallant firing was a bit different. He stated that perhaps Gallant and the upper management from the Golden Knights did not see eye-to-eye on issues. The other concern was that perhaps the bar was set too high for the Vegas team to continue to succeed at such a fast rate. Their first two seasons were beyond expectations and at some point things level out.

Chicago Blackhawks Goalie Controversy

William brought up in the “what have I learned” segment that Corey Crawford of the Chicago Blackhawks has stated that he intends to sign another contract. He also is adamant about NOT being a backup goalie which makes things really interesting. Robin Lehner is playing much better than Crawford, so how this turns out is something to keep track of going forward. What could hold back Crawford playing elsewhere is his age (35) and his stats. He possesses a poor 9-13-2 record with a less than thrilling 2.96 goals-against average and a respectable .910 save percentage. He is also prone to injuries.

Taylor Hall Trade Evaluation

We then discuss the Taylor Hall trade analyzing if both teams gained something with the trade and how it may look down the road. The New Jersey Devils got some good young players in Nick Merkely, Kevin Bahl, and Nate Schnarr. Hall is playing very well with the Coyotes but the concern may be can they re-sign him before he becomes a free agent this July?

So, since this show was split between KDUS 1060am and BTBN, here is the link for the first half of the show on KDUS 1060am: CLICK HERE

Second Half of the Show – Real Movie Talk

We begin this segment of the show starts off with “Real Movie Talk”. We discuss the recently released Oscar nominated movies and best actor/actress awards. Dave likes “Marriage Story” and we discuss personal experiences concerning marriage/divorce. Dave thinks Adam Driver did an excellent job in his best actor role. Scarlett Johansson was our choice as best actress. She is nominated for two roles where she is also up for the golden statue for “JoJo Rabbit”. William selects “Once upon a time in Hollywood” as his best picture selection.

Dave initiated a new segment of the show to go along with Real Movie Talk. It is called “Greatest lines in movie history.” We try a few out to see how it may go. Dave stumps William on a couple so we’ll see if we try this next week.

Next we have George Fraser as our guest and he fills us in on the latest with his restaurants. Be sure to check out his newest food establishment in Scottsdale, called Fraser’s Tavern.

Here is the link for the second half of the show via CLICK HERE

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