NHL Power Rankings: Real Hockey Talk Podcast #25

NHL power rankings
PHILADELPHIA, PA - JANUARY 13: Brad Marchand #63 of the Boston Bruins checks Matt Niskanen #15 of the Philadelphia Flyers in the second period at Wells Fargo Center on January 13, 2020 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)

This Saturday’s March 7, 2020 Real Hockey Talk show takes place at Dave & Busters in Glendale, AZ. Along  with Dave Isaac, and William Grigsby from lastwordonhockey.com, we are back! This is podcast #25 for your listening pleasure. Today we cover the NHL Power Rankings and analyze each team’s potential for the season.

NHL Power Rankings

Our primary discussion topic this week covers the NHL power rankings, which change constantly. We all know that the top team has been the Boston Bruins. They are just the cream of the league and have been performing well most of the season. They have phenomenal scoring and exceptional defence and goaltending. What else does a team need? While they are operating at a pace which separates them from the rest of the league, we also try to analyze what the heck is wrong with the Arizona Coyotes.

They are choosing the wrong time of year to fall apart. The Coyotes were a great road team earlier in the season, now not so much. They have improved their home record a bit, but nothing to take them into a playoff position. William and Dave both feel something needs to be done to get this team back on track.

The Taylor Hall addition was nice, but will he choose to stay with a team who can’t make a push and get to the postseason… FINALLY? Doubtful. One thing is certain, Hall will have a list of suitors who will want to add him to their roster. Teams with lots of cap space like the Colorado Avalanche who will have a projected $24 million to spend on the talented forward. The Coyotes, on the other hand, will be quite short of that figure and keeping Hall may be on their radar yet finding the money to retain him may be a mirage at best.

Dave & Busters GM Chris Sofranko Joins us

Chris is a big hockey fan so he fits in nicely with our show. He’s from the Philadelphia area and has settled in here and supports the Coyotes. We discuss the Dave & Busters family entertainment center and what it has to offer for families as well as sports fans. Tommy Lasorda was going to be a guest at Dave & Busters and Chris tells us all about it.

Real Movie Talk

We kinda ran out of time to go into any depth of the latest movies. William was going to see “Emma” and will report what he thought of it next week.

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