Vancouver Canucks and Judd Brackett Part Ways

Judd Brackett
VANCOUVER, BC - JUNE 21: Vasily Podkolzin poses for a photo onstage after being selected tenth overall by the Vancouver Canucks during the first round of the 2019 NHL Draft at Rogers Arena on June 21, 2019 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. (Photo by Derek Cain/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

As suspected, the Vancouver Canucks and Amateur Scouting Director Judd Brackett have agreed to part ways. The Canucks announced that Brackett’s contract will not be renewed upon the expiry of his current deal on June 30.

Brackett’s History

Judd Brackett was hired as an amateur scout by the Canucks in the 2008-09 season. He did well enough that GM Jim Benning promoted him to the position of director prior to the 2015 season. Benning himself has come from a background in scouting, and recognized Brackett’s good work with the promotion.

Since that time, the Canucks have been regarded as one of the better drafting teams. Brackett has frequently been credited for rebuilding a pool that had been depleted by a deep Stanley Cup playoff run in 2011. The Canucks tried to maintain their high position in the standings, therefore, that led to trading off prospects and picks. That has taken years to recover from.

Of particular note has been the Canucks’ success drawing from college and USHL ranks, areas Brackett specialized in. Adam Gaudette and Brock Boeser were both taken in Brackett’s first year as director, which is a good start. While it’s too soon to give a final grade to more recent drafts, there are several well-regarded prospects coming and could make an impact. In addition to the prospects with the organization, Brackett also drafted Tyler Madden,  who was traded for Tyler Toffoli. This was as a result of the Boeser injury.

The Future for Judd Brackett

Speculation had been around that there was a conflict between Benning and his scouting department. When Brackett’s contract wasn’t renewed going into his last year, that speculation became public. As Benning got his latest three-year deal from ownership, it was thought that would trigger Brackett’s deal. That obviously didn’t happen, and as a result, Brackett and some of Vancouver’s scouting staff were left hanging.

According to the Canucks, Brackett had been offered a two-year deal and rejected it. Without a new offer coming, he becomes available to any team, and will likely be much in demand.

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  1. “Adam Gaudette and Brock Boeser were both taken in Brackett’s first year as director”

    These players were drafted a month BEFORE Brackett was promoted to Director of Amateur Scouting. Erin, check your facts.

    • Whoops! You’re absolutely right: Brackett got his promotion after the draft. The two players mentioned were scouted extensively by him, but were NOT drafted when we was Director.

      Mea culpa, and good catch!


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